Accessibility Statement
At UnlockLife, our commitment is to create an inclusive space where technology becomes relatable and accessible to seniors everywhere. We strive to ensure that all individuals, regardless of age, gender, or ability, can navigate and benefit from our platform.‚Äč
Visual Accessibility:
  • Colour consideration: We are dedicated to using colours that are cataract and colour blindness friendly. Our design palette prioritises high contrast, making content easily distinguishable and readable.
  • Pleasing aesthetics: Our website's design is crafted for visual appeal while ensuring readability and ease of use for all visitors.
  • Inclusive Language:
  • Age-Inclusivity: We embrace visitors of all ages, specifically tailoring our content and language to be relatable and understandable for seniors.
  • Gender-Inclusivity: Our language and imagery are inclusive, ensuring a welcoming environment for all gender identities.
  • Usability:
  • Navigation: Our website is designed for intuitive navigation, aiming for simplicity and clarity in layout and menu structures.
  • Accessibility Tools: We integrate accessibility features where possible, allowing users to customise their experience based on individual needs.
  • Feedback:
  • Your Input Matters: We welcome feedback on how we can further improve accessibility. Please reach out to us with any suggestions or concerns.
  • Compliance:
  • Standards: We aim to comply with relevant accessibility standards to ensure an inclusive experience for all users.
  • Contact Us:
  • Accessibility Support: For any accessibility-related inquiries or assistance, please contact +91-9898958411 or
  • At Unlocklife, accessibility is a core value, and we are continuously working to enhance the accessibility of our platform to meet the needs of our diverse audience.
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